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Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been America's Legendary Healthful Water

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100% All-Natural Ionic Minerals + Alkline pH + High Conductivity Electrolytes + Lithium





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Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been renowned for it's history, rare mineral composition and health enhancing properties, making it America's Legendary Healthful Water. Our Lithia Spring Water is delivered to you within days of having been drawn from our ancient native American medicine spring. We run small batches to assure you pristine freshness and potency.

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Scarce Supply~ Ancient Lithia Springs GA only produces a few thousand gallons a day for the entire world !


Annual Subscription Plans: These are the most popular plans because you pay-as-you-go monthly with plans discounted from 30% to 50% off full retail price. Our Subscription plans offer you the flexibility to increase or decrease quantities as needed or pause and resume service without penalties. We ship direct from Lithia Springs GA! Allow 3-7 days, shipped only within the USA.

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Highest Standards of Purity

State-of-the-art packaging and sanitation technology guarantee 100% safe fresh to drink all natural Lithia Spring Water. Direct from the source, Lithia Spring GA.
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Eco-friendly 5 Liter Spout Pouch

Our innovative spout pouch guarantees pristine freshness and flavor. Shipped daily direct from Lithia Springs Georgia. Ideal for storing and dispensing inside your refrigerator.
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Mother Earth's Health-Giving Water

Cherokee *Indian Medicine Spring

Lithia Springs GA was once a Cherokee * Indian Medicine Spring and before them the Creek Indians and before them the ancients. The history of the spring spans millenniums and is legendary. The ancient archaeological wonders that have been unearthed at Lithia Springs tell an amazing story of a health-giving water that has been cherished since time untold. One ancient wonder discovered is a giant smiling turtle carved from stone that native Americans regard as the symbol of long life and health. For thousands of years, this ancient guardian has beaconed health seekers to come drink Lithia Spring Water and live long, happy and healthy. Order direct from Lithia Springs, GA.
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Lithia Spring Water ~ Science

Lithia Water is defined as a mineral water that naturally contains trace amounts of Lithium (Li3)- see video below. This type of water has had many independent research studies conducted on its positive health effects for both body and mind. The World Health Organization considers Lithium to be a mineral nutrient. Lithia Springs GA is one of the only commercial producing Lithia Mineral Springs in the USA. It's an all-natural Alkaline Mineral Water that contains Electrolytes, Ionic Minerals / Elements and a trace amount of Lithium. Since 1888 Lithia Spring Water has been America's legendary healthful water. Order direct from the ancient health-giving spring, Lithia Springs, GA.
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Ionic Minerals & Trace Elements

For thousands of years, our ancient native American *Indian Medicine spring has been a natural source of ionic minerals and trace elements that are highly beneficial for human health and well-being. Lithia Springs produces an extremely rare pristine health enhancing high mineral content water that is both refreshing and delicious. Minerals and elements are micro-nutrients that are essential for life, however, the body can not produce them. This is why they are required to be part of our diet. There is simply no spring in this world that produces such a rare mineral water with such an ancient history that attests to its health benefits. Order direct from the ancient health-giving spring, Lithia Springs, GA.
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Historic Lithia Springs GA

"We are a people who are neither happy nor healthy because we have forgotten the healing powers of mother earth" Mourning Dove (Humanism) Native Writer 1884-1936

Lithia Spring Water flows from an ancient native American *Indian medicine spring where for thousands of years people journeyed to drink its healthful water. Since 1888 this health enhancing mineral spring water has been bottled and delivered to the homes and offices of health seekers. You can now order home or office delivery direct from the source, Lithia Springs GA.

1887 Sweet Water Park Health Resort
In 1887 Sweet Water Park Hotel, with 250 rooms catered to the rich and famous. Presidents Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, the Vanderbilts, and Mark Twain drank Lithia Spring Water that was purported to enhance health and longevity. A miniature train "the little Anna" took guest from the Sweet Water Hotel to Lithia Springs glass topped marble pavilion.
FREE 1890 Book Lithia Spring Water
1890 book “The American Carlsbad”, written to tell the story of Lithia Spring Water and the Sweet Water Park Hotel. This vintage book has fascinating details of Lithia Spring Water healthful properties. Historic accounts include doctors and health seekers testimonies about drinking Lithia Spring Water. Discover Lithia Spring Water's history.
World Famous Lithia Vapor Baths Detox
Lithia Vapor Bath detox treatment included electric massage on a marble slab to sooth irritated skin, body, and mind. Many Sweet Water Park Hotels guests reported that they felt years younger after the vapor bath. Since 1888 people have detoxed and cleansed using the 7-Day Lithia Spring Water Detox method. Many people report amazing results, including weight loss and renewed energy.
7-Day Lithia Detox


Lithia Spring Water is a superb High Ionic Mineral content water that is beneficial for human health and well-being.

* Indian Medicine Spring" is an American pioneer term used to define Native American sacred health-giving springs- documented in the Lewis and Clark Expedition Journals 1804 -1806